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In addition to breeding weimaraners, I also provide boarding, training, and nutritional consultation services.

Boarding - My boarding facilities are "in the house" and "in the (fenced, 1ac) backyard". Your dog will be part of the "pack" while they stay with me, my dogs, and doggy guests. It's a great opportunity for your dog to learn to be social with both other dogs and people. I have particular expertise helping dogs with separation anxiety problems. Many dogs also leave my home well exercised from playing with the other dogs. You can also drop your dog off for "doggy day care" while you are at work or running errands.

Training - I provide rehabilitation training for problem dogs and people, as well as field training for sporting breeds. I can also provide training or handling service for both you and/or your dog to help you obtain AKC show or field titles.

Nutritional Consultation - Dogs today are exhibiting many food related allergies and illnesses due to some of the ingredients present in many dog food brands. I can help you navigate the confusing and often conflicting information provided by dog food companies and veterinarians to narrow down the cause and holistically treat your dogs food-related problems.

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